Alexander Technique for Babies and Parents

An innovation in caring for infants, created by Jennifer Kellow, R.N.

  • Belly Time

    The mortality rate from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has decreased since the 1992 revision of the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) policy statement on the prevention of SIDS. In that statement, the recommendation was to place all infants under a year to sleep on their backs rather than on their bellies or on their…

  • Interview Part 3

    In the last segment of my interview with Robert Rickover, I talk more about preterm (premature) and brain-injured babies:

  • Interview Part 2

    Here I discuss newborn babies and their parents:

  • Interview Part 1

    Robert Rickover of interviewed me recently, and gave me a chance to talk about my work. This is the first installment, in which I explain my background and what brought me to Alexander Technique.

  • Preterm Babies and Breathing

    In utero, the lungs require 37 weeks of gestation to be ready for the outside world. Preterm infants, therefore, are at a disadvantage when it comes to breathing in that they are still developing their lungs at the same time they need to use them to breathe. Even if they were born just one month…