Alexander Technique for Babies and Parents

An innovation in caring for infants, created by Jennifer Kellow, R.N.


“My baby loved her time with Jennifer. She was calm, happy and attentive and not only continued to demonstrate her improved coordination, but moved onto her next developmental milestone quite soon after working with Jennifer.”

“Oliver had frequent colds and each time we would have to go to the emergency room because they would get so bad he needed medicine to breathe. After even the first session with Jennifer, his symptoms were less severe and soon he needed much less medicine and got less colds.”

“Claire was skipping crawling all together and would cry if we put her on her belly. She was pulling to a stand and was always falling backwards, once even hitting her head. After working with Jennifer, she loved to be on her belly and crawl across the room and when she pulled to a stand she balanced easily without falling.”

“I was at my wit’s end because my baby was five months old and still only sleeping 2-3 hours at a time and I was breastfeeding him. I was beyond exhausted and thought I would lose my mind. He would fall asleep in the middle of the feeding and take almost 30 minutes to eat. I had to pump more and more. The pediatrician said I had to be patient. After one session with Jennifer my baby took both breasts in 15 minutes and slept for 5 hours! Now he is a champion eater and sleeper!”

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