Alexander Technique for Babies and Parents

An innovation in caring for infants, created by Jennifer Kellow, R.N.


How Jennifer helps babies

Working with premature babies and brain-injured infants and toddlers,
Jennifer Kellow, RN, developed a highly effective way to help all infants learn:

  • Easy Breathing
  • Sound Sleep
  • Calm Feeding
  • Smooth Digestion
  • Coordinated Movement
Babies enjoy their time practicing Alexander Technique
See how the process works

She combines her skill as an Alexander Technique teacher with her experience as a neonatal intensive care nurse and her training in preterm infant behavior to help babies integrate all the developing systems of their bodies. Jennifer works to re-establish the natural connection between parents and baby that a premature birth and subsequent hospitalization have disrupted.

For parents of full-term newborns, she smooths the baby’s adaptation to life outside the womb, and helps new parents recognize the highly developed communication that their baby is naturally expressing.

How It Works

In a session, Jennifer will:

  • Evaluate your baby’s behavior and movement
  • Use skilled touch to bring you and your baby to a state of calm
  • Help your baby learn to regulate his body systems
  • Teach you the cues your baby is giving to communicate his needs

Sessions last 90 minutes, in which Jennifer will gently interact with your baby on the floor, or holding your child, or with you holding your child. Improvements in comfort, behavior, and coordination can often be seen in as little as one lesson.

See a slideshow on how a session works

Who Can Benefit from The Alexander Technique for Babies and Parents?

  • New parents
  • Preterm infants
  • Infants having difficulty with feedings
  • Infants with scoliosis or musculo-skeletal problems
  • Brain-injured infants
  • Infants slow to roll over, sit up, crawl or speak

Working with infants

Jennifer has been a registered nurse for over 30 years. She spent 15 years in newborn intensive care, seven years in pediatric home care working with severely disabled infants, and two years in the pediatric ICU. She is an expert who has presented her work at conferences, both in America and abroad. You can read her bio to learn more, or read her case studies.

Babies enjoy Jennifer’s gentle, directive touch. They learn quickly and retain what they learn. Parents are pleased, too. Just read what some of them have said.

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